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High Fidelity

I was afraid to read this due to the fact that I LOVED the movie and was afraid that if the book differed to much from that which I love (the movie starring John Cusack) that I would be disappointed. My fears were unfounded. The movie differed enough from the book (location was a huge part of it, his relationhip with Marie, etc...) that I was able to fully enjoy it separately and completely apart from the movie. Congratulations to Nick Hornsby on such a stellar debut.

My favorite part of the book was the adundance of Top Five Lists.

The character of Marie seemed to be completely different in the book as opposed to the movie. Credit the screenwriters for mixing it up. Got a little closer look at Rob's parents in the book. Usually, I am opposed to deviating from a good book when turning said book into a movie, but I think that it needed to be done in this case. And I loved the skater "Nazi fucks" Justin and whoever from the movie. Oh well...that is my take on the High Fidelity situation...
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