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Coda: Pages from a Writer's Journal (ha ha)

I can't be the only one who wants Stephen King's "Dark Tower" books to be made into a movie. Every time I read them, I can see the characters so clearly in my mind. That's the thing though...if the books were made into a series of movies, would that spoil it? Also, how many movies would actually get made? I know that movies like Harry Potter have to have seven movies to encompass all seven books, but would a movie producer actually buy into the idea of seven 2-hour-long (and 3-hour-long in the case of the final book) movies? Or would it be like The Lord of the Rings, and just be made into a big long trilogy? Now there's something...I think that LOTR was six or seven books, plus the appendices, and they were only put into a trilogy for convenience's sake.

...I dunno. I was hoping that somebody would know something about this. I was sort of planning on making a script for the books to be made into movies...what do you think?
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