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What's out now

So, the Oscar nominations for best adapted screenplay are out now, and I find I've read exactly 0 of the books/plays behind these movies:

  1. Before Sunset (2004) - Richard Linklater, Kim Krizan, Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke (not from a book, as far as I can tell)
  2. Finding Neverland (2004) - David Magee - based on the play by Allan Knee
  3. Million Dollar Baby (2004) - Paul Haggis - based on stories by F.X. Toole
  4. Diarios de motocicleta (2004) - Jose Rivera - based on Ché Guevara's book Notas de viaje and Alberto Granado's book Con el Che por America Latina
  5. Sideways (2004) - Alexander Payne, Jim Taylor - based on Rex Pickett's novel of the same name.

Has anyone read the book behind any of the movies currently out and about in theaters? The closest I am is that I've read the three Series of Unfortunate Events books that the Lemony Snicket movie was based around.
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