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Stephen King books to movies

Hi! 'Tis my first entry on this forum. For my first post, I'd like to say first of all, that I'm a rabid Stephen King fan, and am constantly reading his books and watching the movies that were made from them. Most of the time I'm disappointed, however, I do get a lot of fun watching and comparing.

I ended up watching both versions of "Carrie" before I actually read the book itself. My main reason was that it was so damn hard to find, since no library or bookstore I went to in my town seemed to have it. Somehow I managed to get it, and when I read it, I was severely disappointed in both movies. Sure, the old one with Sissy Spacek in it is kind of entertaining, in its own way. It deviates from the book in so many ways, though, that I'd be here all night explaining why. Let it suffice to say that it followed the basic plotline, yet failed to provide viewers with a background of Carrie and her powers. The newer version, which I watched while in hospital (and almost got kicked out of the pediatrics ward for watching) was a lot longer, but had the same "journalistic" structure as the book. I found that it stuck to the story a lot better. I didn't end up watching a lot of the middle parts, but I did like how it ended, even though I found out later that BOTH movies, both with different endings, ended differently from the book.

For Christmas last year, my boyfriend gave me a boxed set of Stephen King movies: "Misery", "Needful Things", "The Dark Half", and of course, "Carrie". The former three were good movies, but I did think that Needful Things didn't have a lot of the necessary background info, such as Polly's little boy Kelvin. I thoroughly enjoyed Misery, because I liked Kathy Bates' portrayal of Annie Wilkes. She managed to fulfil my little vision of Annie. (Incidentally, Kathy Bates is also Dolores Claiborne in the movie of the same name. That movie is just not worth talking about now...) I liked The Dark Half a lot, and there isn't really much that I had to complain about it.

I have seen "Dreamcatcher", but have not read the book. I have read "Secret Garden, Secret Window", but have not seen Secret Window itself. I have read the script for, and seen "Storm of the Century" (which my library happened to have; go figure), and I am DYING to find the movie versions of "It" and "The Stand", two of my all-time favourite King novels, even though I couldn't sleep for a week after reading "It". I'd also like to see "Rose Red"...I've heard nothing but good reviews about it.

Oh yes...and I also saw "Cujo" as a small child and hated it. I should watch it again, perhaps...

/senselessly long post
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